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THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP is a complete growing solution made according to a natural process that consists of  fermenting seaweed. We have chosen to make our product with seaweed coming from the Hokianga on the West Coast because it has some of the highest nutrients levels in the world! Therefore, the solution gives very good results and can be used for many applications and purposes. Besides, it is simple to use: Just add water !


THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP is a multi-purpose gardening product that:

  • Promotes microbial activity in the soil

  • Enhances seed germination and flowering of plants

  • Increases root and plant growth

  • Increases resistance to insects, disease, drought and frost

  • Increases shelf-life of flowers and produce

  • Increases yield and quality of crops

  • Balances PH levels

  • Naturally deters pests and diseases

  • Promotes healthy soil, plants, animal and man

Hokianga Seaweed is a rich source of available macro & micronutrients and supplements which compliment NPK, fulfilling the basic needs of soil and plants.

Animals and humans alike require a range of organic minerals and nutrients necessary for general health. Micronutrient deficiency in soils is transferred from plants to animals and finally to man. Many diseases in animals and man have been traced to micronutrient deficiencies.

If man is to survive and flourish, we need to respect the soil and look to those products which can link the past to the present.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors....
We borrow it from our children.


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